NEW Trasdata Chiptuning Tool

Pipercross SportluftfilterVehicles that cannot read and write with the New Genius Flash device through OBD can use the NEW Trasdata tool directly to connect and process on the control device.

What are the possibilities of NEW Trasdata

With NEW Trasdata, a range of programmable types of vehicles is expanded: if the vehicle's control device is equipped with a chipping protection, or if it has a blocked microprocessor, New Trasdata will perform a specific operation to release serial communication and restore the device to normal operating conditions of the system. Thus, with New Genius, reading and programming via OBDII is enabled. New Trasdata tool enables access to European and American and numerous Asian vehicles that run on gasoline and diesel, as well as vehicles with chipping protection via OBD. New Trasdata tool makes reading and reprogramming of the entire controller content possible: microprocessor (CPU), Flash-Eprom and serial EEprom. It is therefore always possible, even in the event of a malfunction, to reset the control unit into the original operating conditions (backup). This tool automatically re-calculates the checksum necessary for the proper operation of the vehicle.

New Trasdata additional equipment

Buying of a metal template from the company Dimsport (positioning frame), BNP-frame as well as a series of specific adapters enables the execution of all connectors with the control device without soldering / removing the soldering layers. The exact description of the connectors with photos of control devices for which chipping is possible are available free of charge in PDF format for each owner of this tool.

The tool supports all microprocessors in the ECU sector: BDM, JTAG and Boot

• Motorola MPC5xx (BDM mode)
• Motorola MC68xxx (BDM mode)
• Motorola MPC55xx (JTAG mode)
• Renesas SH705x (AUD/BOOT mode)
• Mitsubishi MH72xx/MH82xx (BOOT mode)
• Infineon Tricore (BOOT mode)
• ST Microelectronics ST10xxx (BOOT mode)
• Motorola HC12 (BDM mode)
• Renesas M32R (BOOT mode)
• Nec 76F00xx (NBD mode)
​• Freescale/ST MPC56xx SPC56x (JTAG mode)
• Freescale/ST SPC57xx (SPC57777C-BAM mode)

Download compatibility list