NEW Genius OBD Chiptuning TOOL

NEW Genius Professionelles TOOL

Here you can read more about one of the top achievements of OBD chipping products

NEW GENIUS ECU programming device

It is the so-called Touch & Map device that allows serial reading and programming of the ECU through a diagnostic interface (OBD). New Genius is designed for programming European, Asian and American vehicles and estimates the state of the engine battery for a positive result.

NEW Genius is a perfect system (OBD device) for all types of chipping. NEW Genius is user-friendly, with an easy-to-understand operating system and built-in security mechanisms. Thanks to the easy navigation of the on-screen menu, chipping errors with the OBD TOOL NEW Genius are almost impossible. With modern technology, you can achieve the best results with minimal effort.

NEW Genius and security

Close cooperation on our part, as a vehicle chipping development team, with company Dimsport, developers and engineers, guarantees permanent quality of chipping files and new protocols for NEW Genius, both for the old and new vehicles. Also, on the basis of many years of cooperation, we can claim that this OBD device (the so-called flasher) is the most reliable, safest and most comprehensive device that you will ever find in the vehicle chipping industry. Another advantage is that while reading from and writing to the ECU, the tool New Genius does not have to be connected to a computer or a laptop. In OBD programming, this increases security in terms of common sources of errors, such as, for example, virus security, interruptions in writing, or slow data transfer.

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