Genius Professional OBD Tool

NEW Genius is the perfect system (OBD Flasher) for all types of chipping users. NEW Genius is user-friendly, with an easy-to-understand operating system and built-in security mechanisms. Thanks to the easy navigation of the on-screen menu, chipping errors with the OBD TOOL NEW Genius are almost impossible. With modern technology, you can achieve the best results with minimal effort.

Professional Trasdata BOOT tool

New Trasdata is an innovative tool for reading and programming directly on the engine control unit via BDM, BOOT, JTAG, NBD and BAM. This is an ideal chipping tool for every need and can be configured to support any application or only for the necessary applications. New Trasdata opens a new door for JTAG communication, which is also used for the latest applications

Power Gate user interface OBD tool

Power Gate enables the car owner to do real OBD chipping on his vehicle on its own - without soldering or an additional tool. Obtaining a set for you means the same high-quality result as after reprogramming in our headquarters or with one of our contract partners.